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Landscape, paddocks and trees near Holbrook NSW
Murray LLS Part of your community
A new approach to land management and conservation
Have your say on the NSW Government's new approach to land management and conservation that will benefit farmers and the environment.


Rivers, plains, mountains and forests make our region diverse. Key activities are cereal production, especially rice, dairy, fruit, vegetable and wool production.

Map of Murray LLS Region


  • Production alert

    Farmers are advised that blue green algae has been found in some dams and waterways in the region. Blue green algae can produce toxins which are harmful and potentially fatal to livestock.

  • Grants

    Community groups and individuals in the Billabong Yanco region are invited to apply for funding under the Billabong Yanco Community Grants program. Grants of up to $10,000 are available for projects that celebrate and interact with our local landscapes, culture and produce.

  • Rates

    The rates you pay to Local Land Services allow your local region to fund the services it provides to landholders and contribute to other important statewide functions.

  • Native vegetation

    Four online tools are available to help landholders determine whether their clearing activities require approval.

  • Pest control

    The Australian Government and industry is about to boost rabbit bio-control effectiveness in Australia. The RHDV K5 virus is the next proposed next bio-control agent to be released in the country. This release will be coordinated by the Invasive Plants and Animal Committee in consultation with Australian Wool Innovation and Meat and Livestock Australia. Click to find out how to get involved.

  • Events

    A list of upcoming events from around the region.

  • Board member recruitment

    We are looking for 45 enthusiastic and progressive people willing to make a difference to land management in NSW with an aim to help us improve primary production within healthy landscapes. Read more if you are interested in applying to join one of our 11 local boards.