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What is Biosecurity?

By Dan Salmon, Regional Veterinarian, NV1942

Biosecurity is one of those relatively new words that is trying to find its place in the world. It was once all about stopping the spread of infection, but it now means "the prevention of damage due to living things" – and covers everything from the person working on the Hendra vaccine to somebody poisoning rabbits.

So it is really a new name for the things that we have been doing for 150 years – dealing with living things that cause death and destruction. We all have to be up to speed on how they behave, how they spread, how they reproduce, what will kill them, what will stop them from spreading and how to reduce the damage that they cause.

It is not just what we do, but because we are out and about checking livestock, certifying stock for export, and acting on any signs of disease, makes it easier to convince consumers that our livestock products are safe and won't make them sick. Our trading partners need to be confident that the livestock we send to market, whether in Melbourne or Saudi Arabia, is disease free, safe to eat and our biosecurity protocols are stringent so they can be assured that if we say we don't have nasty diseases, we really don't have them.

In an increasingly complex and sceptical world, with lightning fast communication on Twitter and Facebook, our Biosecurity team provide assurance to you and your customers that there is a team of people with specialist knowledge who are completely impartial, helping to control pests and pestilence.

If you notice unusual disease symptoms, abnormal behaviour or unexpected death in your stock, contact your local LLS Vet or Biosecurity Officer immediately.

Animal Diseases:  LOOK – CHECK – ASK A VET  National Hotline: 1800 675 888

More Information: Dan Salmon, Regional Veterinarian, NV1942, 03 5881 1055