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Natural resource management Biosecurity Emergency response
Murray LLS Part of your community
Natural resource management Sustainable use of our land and water
Biosecurity Working together to protect primary industries, the economy, the environment and our community
Advisory services Reliable professional advice supporting agricultural production and management of natural resources
Emergency response Timely coordinated action on pests and diseases and natural disasters like flood, fire and drought


Rivers, plains, mountains and forests make our region diverse. Key activities are cereal production, especially rice, dairy, fruit, vegetable and wool production.

Map of Murray LLS Region


  • Biosecurity

    Lodge your annual land and stock return by 31 August to help safeguard biosecurity and ensure market access for NSW producers.

  • funding

    Applications are invited from community groups and organisations working in sustainable land management for amounts of up to $10,000. (Individual land managers may also apply but preference will be given to applications from groups). There are two funding streams that groups may apply to - grants for Aboriginal groups and organisations & grants for community groups and organisations, including Local Government, Landcare, Producer groups and other special interest groups. Grants are focused on sustainable land management, building organisational capacity and Connection to Country. Application forms and more at the link above

  • Rates

    The rates you pay to Local Land Services allow your local region to fund the services it provides to landholders and contribute to other important statewide functions.

  • survey

    What information and extension activities from LLS and local Landcare and Producer groups would meet your needs? Fill out our survey.

  • Publication

    Murray LLS reports on its performance for the preceding calendar year, with our Chair and General Manager reporting on the strategic direction and achievements, followed by the facts and figures in our key service areas of Agriculture, Biosecurity and Livestock Health, Natural Resource Management and Emergency Management.

  • Native Vegetation

    Four online tools are available to help landholders determine whether their clearing activities require approval.