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Travelling Stock Reserves (TSR)

Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs) are parcels of Crown land reserved under legislation for use by travelling stock. Local Land Services manages over 500,000 hectares of TSRs in NSW.

TSRs provide pasture reserves for travelling or grazing stock. These reserves can be beneficial in times of drought, bushfire or flood. They are also used for public recreation, apiary sites and for conservation.

Local Land Services manages the land to strike a balance between the needs of travelling or grazing stock and the conservation of native species.

Our management includes:

  • Authorising and monitoring stock, recreation and apiary site use
  • Controlling noxious weeds
  • Controlling pest animals and insects
  • Maintenance of fencing, watering points and holding yards
  • Consideration of land management and animal health legislation

Murray Travelling Stock Reserves (TSR)

Murray Local Land Services is responsible for managing over 55,000ha in Travelling Stock Reserves.  TSRs in the central and western part of the Murray region are used frequently by travelling stock, whilst reserves in the east are used less by travelling stock and more commonly grazed under short term grazing permits to local landholders.

Murray LLS aims to manage TSRs for multiple users in the common interest of the whole community. We promote a balance of TSR use for production, social, cultural and environmental outcomes and continuously work to maintain and improve the resource.

Funding to cover the costs of managing TSRs comes jointly from fees charged for grazing permits and reserve use, along with funding from the Australian and NSW governments for conservation and biodiversity management. View the Murray Travelling Stock Reserves (TSR) Fees and Prices.

Major Projects

Enriching biodiversity by managing travelling stock reserves & routes

This project aims to enhance and actively manage up to  118,000 ha of TSRs within both the Murray and Riverina regions for biodiversity conservation to ensure these important habitat links are protected and restored.  Funded of $2.96M over 6 years, originally to the Riverina Livestock Health and Pest Authority, by the Australian Government  (Round 1 Biodiversity Fund).

Restoring biodiversity assets for connectivity - TSR in the Slopes to Summit (S2S) area

This project will commence 1 August 2015 to 1 July 2017, funded by the NSW Environmental Trust "Restoration and rehabilitation grants".  It involves active management of 900 ha of priority TSR and increasing community awareness of the value of  TSRs and native vegetation connectivity in the Slopes to Summit area.

TSR Management Plan

Murray LLS is currently developing a regional TSR Management Plan based on a state-wide planning framework that will assist the future management and resourcing of Travelling Stock Reserves within the Murray Region. Community consultation is planned in this process.

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