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Community Education Programs

Students from Creative Catchment Kids.The Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre has been delivering the Creative Catchment Kids (CCK) program within the Murray Region since 2010. The CCK is an initiative of the Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre and aims to improve engagement between Murray LLS and school students across the Murray region. The program provides opportunities for positive, cooperative activities that encourage students to learn about natural resource management and sustainable agriculture.

The CCK is a curriculum linked program that encourages: links between schools and communities; leadership; team-work within student groups; connections of students with their local communities; and the celebration of local achievements. The program is funded under the National Landcare Programme and involves the development of books around the areas of 'farming for our future', 'connected to our environment', and 'caring for our native plants and animals'.

For more information on the Creative Catchment Kids program click here.