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Murray Landcare

Murray Landcare is a collective of Landcare and producer groups, Aboriginal organisations and peri-urban natural resource management groups across the Murray region. The collective meets throughout the year to remain connected and share knowledge and updates from their community. Murray Landcare is supported by active volunteer and paid Landcare champions who work together to promote and improve connectivity between people, farming and nature.

Regional Landcare Facilitator

Regional Landcare Facilitator, Edwina HayesThe Murray Regional Landcare Facilitator project focuses on engaging Landcare, community and producer groups, supporting new groups and building the capacity within existing groups to be skilled and capable of self-determination for productive and sustainable agriculture, environments and communities.

Edwina Hayes is Regional Landcare Facilitator for the Murray region, and works from the Holbrook Landcare Network office. Edwina meets with groups to support them to run projects that deliver research and information on sustainable agriculture, promote the adoption of sustainable farm and land management practices and improve environmental outcomes to protect Australia's landscape.

To find out more, or to get involved with your local Landcare group, contact Edwina Hayes, Murray Regional Landcare Facilitator, (02) 6036 3181, 0427 267 753,

Local Landcare Coordinators

The Murray Landcare community has recently welcomes six part-time Local Landcare Coordinator positions to the region. These positions are hosted by six community organisations across the region, all of which have been essential in leading community-led sustainable agriculture and NRM initiatives.

These organisations include:



Local Landcare Coordinator

Brief Bio

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Holbrook Landcare Network


Paula Sheehan

With more than 20 years’ experience in natural resource management, Paula has taken on two of the part-time coordinator roles, one with Holbrook Landcare Network and the other with the Petaurus Education Group. Paula will split her time between the Holbrook and Albury offices.

(02) 6036 3181

0407 873 396

Petuarus Education Group


Corowa District Landcare


Judy Kirk

Judy has experience in native vegetation management as a field officer with Murray Local Land Services, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Science degree. She began her appointment at Corowa District Landcare Group in early March.

(02) 6033 8963

Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia


Erika Heffer

A former Rice Industry Graduate, Erika will continue her current tenure after being appointed to the position at the Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia, based in Deniliquin. Erika is very passionate about engaging with the farming community about sustainable agricultural practices and other community issues.


Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre


Jeanette Crew

Jeanette, who has more than 30 years’ experience in NSW Government Aboriginal cultural heritage roles, is chairperson at Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre in Deniliquin, and commenced her role as Local Landcare Coordinator with the centre in February.

(03) 58813312

Western Murray Land Improvement Group

Wakool Shire

Roger Knight

Roger has extended his current tenure with his appointment at Western Murray Land Improvement Group in Barham. For the past five years, he has worked with natural resource management and sustainable agriculture groups in the western Murray catchment.

(03) 5453 1577

0487 455 511

The Landcare Coordinator positions are funded under the NSW Government’s four-year $15 million Local Landcare Coordinators Initiative, designed to renew the government-community relationship and unlock the potential of the thousands of volunteers in the Landcare network.

The positions will provide extra support, capacity and expertise to the many smaller Landcare and producer groups, Aboriginal organisations and peri-urban natural resource management groups operating across the Murray region.

The new resources will build on the existing community-led sustainable agriculture and natural resource management efforts across the Murray region by working closely with the Regional Landcare Facilitator and Murray Local Land Services, adding value to the delivery of the NSW Government’s investment through Catchment Action NSW and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

Local Landcare Coordinators for the Murray region, including representatives from their host organisations.Caption: Front row (l-r): Paula Sheehan, Jeanette Crew, Judy Kirk, Erika Heffer and Roger Knight. Second row: (l-r) Dale Stringer (CEO Holbrook Landcare Network), David Crew (Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre), Edwina Hayes (Regional Landcare Facilitator), Neil Bull (Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia), Rick Ellis (Western Murray Land Improvement Group), Chris Cumming (Murray Local Land Services). Back row: Eric Lavis (Corowa District Landcare Group), Andrew Cooper (Murray Local Land Services).