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Murray Local Land Services unclips from ear tags

Murray Local Land Services will move away from selling non-emergency National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) devices and ear tags over the coming months.

Business Manager, Colin McMahon, said the change would be progressively implemented to allow both suppliers and those purchasing devices to adjust.

“Supply of NLIS devices and tags is a service that rural merchandise and stock agents can readily provide,” he said.

“As a government agency, Local Land Services should not be dealing in commercial activities that are better provided by commercial enterprises.

“The decision to move away from the supply of non-emergency NLIS tags will allow our customer services team to spend more time with landholders who require services that only Local Land Services can supply.”

Tags can be purchased at a competitive retail price from local stock agents and some rural merchandise businesses, and are also available on-line from a variety of distributors.

Emergency NLIS-compliant ear tags will continue to be available from Murray Local Land Services offices in line with current practices.

Customers can contact Murray Local Land Services on 03 5881 1055 for further information.

Media contact: Matt Lane,, 02 6051 2252