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Seek approval for travelling stock reserve earthworks

Murray Local Land Services is advising landholders to ensure they have appropriate authorisation before starting earthworks on a travelling stock reserve (TSR).

Acting Manager Land Services, David Clarke, said a recent increase in unauthorised activities had highlighted the need to raise awareness of the approval processes needed for undertaking earthworks on TSRs.

“TSRs are valued parcels of public land that are managed to balance the needs of farmers, people and the environment,” he said.

“Common requests for earthworks on TSRs include access tracks, drainage works, levee banks and fire breaks.

“Before starting any earthworks on a TSR, landholders should contact Local Land Services for advice about what approvals will be necessary.”

Mr Clarke said landholders who undertook earthworks on a TSR without authorisation risked a range of penalties, including:

  • fines for individuals of up to $275,000 and/or one year imprisonment for harming or desecrating an Aboriginal object, and/or
  • fines of up to $5,500 for an unauthorised activity on a TSR.

“Additional fines for unauthorised clearing of native vegetation and/or costs for remedial works may also apply,” he said.

“We understand the need to manage TSRs as a community asset, so we want to work with landholders to negotiate the best outcome for all parties.”

Landholders looking to undertake activities on TSRs should contact their nearest Murray Local Land Services office, or phone 1300 795 299, beforehand.

A range of permits and permissions are available to meet various customer needs.

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