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Environment unit programs & projects

Wetland and remnant Grey Box Woodland

Environment Unit

Natural resource management, for the purposes of environmental enhancement and biodiversity conservation, was one of the original 4 pillars upon which Local Land Services was established.  These matters are enshrined in the Objects of the LLS Act and represent a core responsibility for each LLS region to deliver.

Murray LLS addresses these responsibilities via its Environment Unit, which contributes to other state, national and international responsibilities and commitments in relation to the environment such as:

  • Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance (1974)
  • Bonn Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (1983)
  • International Migratory Bird Agreements (JAMBA, CAMBA, ROKAMBA)
  • Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (Cwlth) 1999
  • Biodiversity Conservation Strategy (Cwlth) 2010-2030
  • Threatened Species Conservation Act (NSW) 1995
  • National Parks and Wildlife Act (NSW) 1974
  • Fisheries Management Act (NSW) 1994
  • Office of Environment and Heritage Corporate Plan (NSW) 2014-2017

The Environment Unit is guided by the following principles, which are informed by, and aligned with the Performance Standard for Local Land Services:

  • Social, environmental, economic landscape components are held to have equal importance.  These components are inter-connected and cannot be considered in isolation.
  • The environment is considered to have inherent value over and above that placed upon it from its provision of resources or services to humans.
  • Our target audience goes beyond immediate land managers to focus on the concept of “public good”, now and into the future.
  • Collaboration and partnerships are critical to improve outcomes, share costs and increase ownership of the work we do.  We ensure that our work complements, rather than duplicates, the work of others.
  • We have a strong commitment to ensuring that we value-add to every dollar invested in us, as a team and in the work we do.
  • We base decisions on review and analysis of best available data, knowledge and information, incorporating multiple lines of evidence.
  • We are drivers of innovation and continual improvement within our organisation, amongst our partners and for the benefit of our landscapes.

The Environment Unit consists of a team with high-level technical expertise covering a broad range of topics including threatened species, native vegetation, small mammals, native birds, wetland ecology, arid zone ecology, frogs, aquatic insects, native and introduced fish, erosion and riparian management, stream ecology and management, community engagement and capacity building.

The Environment Unit delivers a range of projects and activities to enhance natural assets within the Murray Region, conserve biodiversity and improve community understanding, appreciation and interaction with the natural environment.  Our unit is primarily funded by the New South Wales government through its Catchment Action funding stream, and by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.  We source additional funds through external competitive funding opportunities.

Previous programs & projectsMurray LLS staff working on Coppabella Creek

Conservation Estate Program
Systems and Services Program
Threatened and Iconic Species Program
Landscape Connectivity Program
Monitoring, Evaluating and Communicating
  • Biodiversity Monitoring
  • Riparian and Aquatic Health Monitoring
  • Wetland Monitoring
  • Environmental Capacity Building

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