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Conservation Estate Program

The purpose of the Conservation Estate Program is to enhance the ecological character and cultural values of Murray Region Conservation Estate to maintain a core set of socially and culturally important natural assets of high ecological value within the region.

We work with land managers to develop and implement Plans of Management for reserves prioritised through a process involving the land managers, community and indigenous groups. Our principles for investment are:

  • Consider existing land manager responsibilities and funding streams
  • Invest in community groups/indigenous groups to undertake works programs to achieve social outcomes and ownership (triple bottom line outcomes)
  • Balance our investment between high conservation-value sites and high community/cultural value sites to promote community engagement in the sites and our work.
  • Invest in land managers to complete their Plans of Management (not reinvent the wheel)
  • Establish site Steering Committees, including community representation, to ensure that regional preferences are considered to promote community engagement in the sites and our work.
  • Maintain a degree of funding flexibility to be able to deal with isolated/unplanned issues.
  • Invest in maintaining existing sites of high ecological character and viability
  • Invest in sites where the largest improvement can be made.
  • Consider multiple lines of evidence (Agency, legislation, community, anecdotal)

Installing a wild pig trapOur focus over the medium term covers the following sites:

  • Central Murray Forests Ramsar sites and their surrounding buffer zones
  • Lowbidgee Floodplain

Current projects:

See more on our Conservation Estate Program on the Australian Government’s MERIT website.