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Monitoring, Evaluating and Communicating

The purpose of this component of our work is to improve the capacity of ourselves and our stakeholders to adaptively manage natural resources in the Murray Region.

We conduct a range of knowledge generation and knowledge exchange activities to:

  • build understanding of natural assets in our region,
  • determine the effectiveness and outcomes of different management approaches,
  • share this information across our organisation and with stakeholders, and
  • build motivation to adopt environmentally-friendly practices and behaviours.

Our focus over the medium term covers the following priorities:

  • Monitoring and research on terrestrial vegetation change and faunal diversity over long time-frames
  • Monitoring and research on riparian and aquatic health of streams in our region
  • Monitoring and research on wetland vegetation and carbon dynamics under different management
  • Maintaining and enhancing internal staff skills and expertise on key topics
  • Increase community understanding, appreciation and interaction with the natural environment
  • Increase community understanding of biodiversity conservation and threatened species

Vegetation monitoringCurrent projects:

  • Biodiversity Monitoring
  • Riparian and Aquatic Health Monitoring
  • Wetland Monitoring (under the Murray Wetland Carbon Storage Project)
  • Environmental Capacity Building