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Systems and Services Program

The purpose of the Systems and Services Program is to promote healthy and resilient ecosystems to provide ongoing ecosystem services.

Our principles for investment are:

  • A system is a collection of physical, biological and sociological components that are interconnected with each other defined spatially or by an arbitrary functional boundary.
  • Services includes the concepts of both “ecosystem services” (processes performed by ecosystems that benefit humans) and “conservation services” (processes performed by ecosystems that benefit the biota that depend on them).
  • We use resilience thinking and systems-based planning to develop and deliver our projects.
  • Projects should aim to deliver triple-bottom line benefits.
  • Focal systems must have communities with a minimum degree of cohesiveness and shared purpose to facilitate efficient and effective project delivery.
  • We must have access to some minimum level of data about the social, economic and ecological assets/ values of an area to delineate it as a system and hence invest there.
  • We aim for a balanced portfolio with some small-scale and some large-scale systems addressed.
  • We will initially focus on a sub-set of systems delineated as Local Landscapes in the Murray Catchment Action Plan – we will refine and modify the system delineation for each project based on local community input.
  • We avoid duplication in our work – we ensure that there’s something happening across the entire region that suits the landscape and community, whether that’s a System-based project or a revegetation project or a threatened species project.

Edward or Kolety RiverOur focus over the medium term covers the following priorities:

  • Edward-Wakool River System
  • Billabong-Yanco Creek System
  • Upper Murray Region
  • Carbon storage and biodiversity enhancement services delivered by rain-filled wetlands
  • Well-being enhancement services delivered by natural areas

Current projects:

See more on our Systems and Services Program on the Australian Government’s MERIT website.