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Threatened and Iconic Species Program

The purpose of the Threatened and Iconic Species Program is to secure populations of threatened species to improve biodiversity.

We use a population-based approach to secure species over the long-term.  Our principles for investment are:

  • focus on species, populations or guilds for which there are clear delivery partners and that are identified as a priority by key stakeholders
  • focus on species or populations that community value, particularly where securing a population requires investment in private land and community buy-in
  • target threatened or iconic species or their populations where there is a clear community desire or need for recovery efforts (e.g., as identified in the NSW Murray Biodiversity Management Plan and Murray Catchment Action Plan)
  • invest in species and recovery actions that benefit other threatened species or Endangered Ecological Communities
  • invest in non-threatened (iconic or culturally-important) species where it is clear that working with them will benefit threatened species
  • invest in regionally threatened and iconic species that are surrogates of nationally-significant fauna guilds and ecological communities
  • support the trialling of innovative approaches to threatened species recovery
  • improve Murray LLS and stakeholder knowledge of the likely effects of climate change on individual species and develop mitigation strategies for these.

Bush Stone-CurlewOur focus over the medium term covers the following species and guilds:

  • squirrel gliders
  • small-bodied native fish
  • bush stone-curlews
  • threatened orchids
  • corroboree and Booroolong frogs
  • plains-wanderer
  • Australasian bittern.

Current projects:

See more on our Threatened and Iconic Species Program on the Australian Government’s MERIT website.