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RAMSAR wetland neighbours tackle boxthorn numbers

Landholders adjacent to the Perricoota Forest near Womboota, are taking advantage of assistance available through the Australian Governments’ National Landcare Program to remove African Boxthorn infestations on their properties. This opportunity has been developed through the Murray Local Land Services Ramsar Wetland and Buffer Zone Project, and assistance has been offered to landholders adjacent to the Central Murray Ramsar Site in recognition of the fact that some boxthorn infestations are the result of weed spread initiating from within the forests. Works programs are also underway within the forests to manage weeds in these areas.

Peter Holmfield, who farms ‘Old Corio’ next to the Perricoota Forest said “The boxthorns will really take over if you let them and the assistance makes all the difference. I can now afford to pay someone to get it done while I keep sowing and with a follow up spray included in the cost, I couldn’t do it for the money.”

The assistance is being provided in the form of a subsidized hourly rate for the engagement of the Central Murray County Councils (CMCC) boxthorn mulcher.

The mulcher is a Bobcat TL470 telehandler with a heavy duty slasher head. The telescopic boom enables it to get in under trees where many hard to get boxthorn plants survive. The cost of the machine to the landholder includes a follow up site visit and spray if needed.

For more information on the boxthorn removal project please contact Jamie Hearn at Murray LLS on M.0447 420 789 or E.

Project participant, Peter Holmfield took time out from sowing to talk about the project Matt Wooden, Central Murray County Council aboard the boxthorn mulcher

Far left: Peter Holmfield took time out from sowing to talk about the project.

Left: Matt Wooden from Central Murray County Council aboard the boxthorn mulcher.