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Have you heard or seen Bush Stone-curlews in your area lately?

Wanted: Bush Stone-curlew sightings

In partnership with the Nature Conservation Working Group (NCWG) we are currently carrying out surveys of Bush Stone-curlews to help us understand how they are going in our region. In particular we are looking at the areas of Buraja and Moulamein where captive bred birds have been released in recent years. In addition we are looking at the area around Barham where a significant population of Bush Stone-curlews has been known to occur.

Renowned bird and wildlife expert Chris Tzaros is working with us and NCWG to undertake the surveys, which include mail surveys to landholders as well as field surveys.

Chris Tzaros, bird and wildlife expert.

Above: Chris Tzaros, bird and wildlife expert.

Chris has extensive experience as a wildlife ecologist working across south-eastern Australia with rural landholders. Chris is also well known for his outstanding bird photography.

Bush Stone-Curlew. Photo: Chris Tzaros

Above: Bush Stone-curlew photo by Chris Tzaros.

If you live in the Buraja, Moulamein or Barham areas you may receive a mail survey during July and August asking you to report any sightings of curlews. You can also download copies of these surveys below and return them to Chris, or Murray Local Land Services on the details in the survey:

If you know of curlews in other areas we would also love to hear from you. Fill in the online Survey to tell us where you've seen or heard curlews.

For more information, please contact:

Elisa Tack

Phone: 02 6051 2233