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Connected corridors project

The Connected Corridors project is improving native vegetation connectivity in the NSW Murray region by increasing the size of remnant vegetation and establishing vegetated corridors to provide habitat for native plants and animals.

The project provides support, revegetation services and technical advice to landholders and groups for increased abundance and distribution of native plant and animal species.

Priority areas

Using the NSW Murray Biodiversity Plan, priority areas were identified using a process that examined the amount, type, configuration and condition of native vegetation. Combined with maps of various threats to vegetation, (such as grazing and loss of replacement paddock trees), high priority areas have been identified for works to improve native vegetation.

Connected Corridors Priority Area Map

Why are wildlife corridors important?

  • Allow movement of birds, mammals, frogs, reptiles, invertebrates, plant seeds and fungal spores.
  • Provide habitat for migratory and resident wildlife.
  • Provide refuge for wildlife that use nearby habitat such as open paddocks.
  • Allow species to re-colonise patches of vegetation.
  • Enable the exchange of genes between wildlife populations and reduce the possibility of inbreeding.
  • Can help pollination.
  • Provide windbreaks and stock shelter.
  • Can protect paddock trees, improve groundcover, reduce erosion risk and improve water quality.
  • Can help suppress grain pest insects and provide habitat for beneficial insects.
  • Improve farm visual appeal.


  • 42 landholders (farmers, Local Government, Landcare Groups) working on the project.
  • 756 ha of private and public land with improved connectivity.

Landholder standing in front of Connected Corridors project site

Project participant, Graham Strong, standing in front of his revegetated Connected Corridors Project site.

Planned activities

  • Partner with farmers to improve native vegetation connectivity on private property.
  • Partner with Local Government to improve roadside native vegetation connectivity.
  • Partner with Landcare and Producer Groups to improve native vegetation management and connectivity and deliver native vegetation management workshops.

For more information, please contact:

Shanna Rogers, Murray LLS

Phone: (02) 6051 2241

Mobile 0457 733 261


Judy Kirk, Corowa District Landcare Inc.

Phone: (02) 6033 8963

Logos of Murray Local Land Services, Australian Government and National Landcare Programme

The Connected Corridors Project is funded by Catchment Action NSW and the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme.