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Upper Murray Project in Tumbarumba

A Coolamon or Tarnuk Bullito at the Tumbarumba Historical Society Museum The Upper Murray Collation of Aboriginal Heritage Project has been a resounding success. It has increased the knowledge of the local Walgalu language by 72 words, uncovered numerous artefacts and sites as well as bringing new knowledge, awareness and connection to both the Indigenous and European descendants in the community. The information uncovered is being developed into a booklet for publication.

The project has also brought the National Parks and Wildlife Service's Aboriginal Education program to schools across the Tumbarumba Shire and supported a speaking tour by Michael O'Loughlin which included a visit to the local Mannus prison.

The project's main success has been in releasing historical knowledge held within the current landholder community that has been long lost from the Aboriginal community. In doing this we are bringing the communities closer together and have recovered in particular knowledge of an Aboriginal Heritage site that could reopen the past in a way that has seldom been seen in modern Australia.

The Collation of Aboriginal Heritage project has been delivered as a sub section of a major Upper Murray project which is addressing , economic, environmental and social issues in the Upper Murray as part of a 'whole of system' approach to Natural Resource Management.

Aboriginal stone tools from Mannus Valley

Aboriginal stone tools from Mannus ValleyAboriginal boomerang and boodthul (throwing stick) from the Upper Murray River

Aboriginal boomerang and boodthul (throwing stick) from the Upper Murray River
An Anvil stone from the Tumbarumba Upper Murray region

An Anvil stone from the Tumbarumba Upper Murray region

For more information, please contact:

Steve Thompson

Phone: 02 6948 9197

Mobile: 0428 217 271

Logos of Murray Local Land Services, Australian Government and National Landcare Programme The Upper Murray Project is funded by Catchment Action NSW and the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme.