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Yorta Yorta Sandhills Project

Staff talking Yorta Yorta people The Sandridge Woodlands Project, commonly referred to as Yorta Yorta Sandhills aims to protect and restore culturally valuable sand hill sites in the Yorta Yorta area. The Yorta Yorta Sandhills Project  is a partnership among Goulburn Broken CMA, Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. The Project provides assistance to landholders for the active management of natural and cultural heritage values of sandhill areas. Funding has been provided by the Australian Government's Clean Energy Futures Fund (Biodiversity Fund).

A range of activities are conducted to protect and repair these culturally significant Sandhill sites scattered across landholdings in the area.

The project is creating Aboriginal employment opportunities, engaging local community in cultural heritage and native vegetation management, and increasing the capacity of Yorta Yorta people to undertake natural resource management.The Yorta Yorta Nations 'Woka Walla Works Crew' have been engaged in carbon sequestration/revegetation projects and in cultural heritage management including the conduct of cultural surveys on landholders' properties in the Yorta Yorta area of the Murray catchment. Woka Walla crews have prepared for site for works including pest plant and animal control specific to the requirements of each site, herbicide preparation as appropriate. Crews have also done planting and fencing work as required.

A plant and cultural brochure has also been prepared as part of the project.

Funding now available

Murray Local Land Services would like to partner with landholders in the active management of cultural and heritage values of sandhills and their surrounding landscapes.

Funding is now available for a range of activities that will contribute to the active management of sandhills in Yorta Yorta Nation areas of the Murray region. Activities that can be funded include:

  • Revegetation
  • Pest and weed control
  • Stock-proof and wildlife-friendly fencing
  • Cultural heritage surveys
  • Other activities as negotiated

To speak to a project officer, to determine your eligibility, or to organise a site visit, please contact:

Karen Mobourne
Land Services Officer
03 5880 1410

Sue Logie
Land Services Officer
03 5880 1421

Natasha Lappin
Senior Land Services Officer
02 6051 2231

Woka Walla Works Crew planting flora as part of the Sandridge Woodlands Project
Woka Walla Works Crew digging holes for new flora as part of the Sandridge Woodlands Project
Woka Walla Works Crew contributing to carbon sequestration and revegetation for the Sandridge Woodlands Project