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Seed Services

Native seed being processedMurray Seed Services undertakes seed collection, seed storage, direct seeding, and technical support for planning and implementation of re-vegetation activities in the region.  Our Restoration Seedbank operates on high turnover of high volume seed stocks of local provenance, harvested from local native vegetation. It is an integral part of Murray LLS projects, and provides services to other government agencies and partner organisations.

Current projects:

  • Murray Connected Corridors
  • Wetland Carbon Storage
  • Yorta Yorta Sandhills
  • Bushlinks with Holbrook Landcare
  • Albury Environmental Lands
  • Private landholders


  • Approx. 100kg of Native Vegetation Seed harvested in 2014/15.
  • Approx. 225ha of direct seeding revegetation works completed in 2014/15.

More information

Natasha Lappin (Albury), 02 6051 2231, m: 0429 827 471,

Sue Logie (Denililquin), 03 5880 1421, m: 0429 318 765,