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TSR Fees and Prices

The following Travelling Stock Reserves Fees and Prices Schedule applies from 1 July 2018. To view the schedule, please click here.

Pricing Principles

The TSR Fees and Prices Schedule has been developed with a set of pricing principles that include:

  1. Clarity and Simplicity

    Although the legislative framework associated with TSR fees and prices is complex, Murray Local Land Services has simplified all its TSR fees and prices into a simple two-page document (excluding notes).

  2. Murray Region Wide Pricing Consistency

    The same fees and prices for the same level of customer service now applies regardless of where you are located within the Murray Local Land Services Region.

  3. Consistency with the principle of beneficiary pays.
  4. GST Exclusive Pricing

    The TSR Fees and Prices Schedule lists both GST exclusive and inclusive prices.

  5. Market Competitive Pricing

    Recognition that TSR fees and prices need to be competitive with local stock agistment markets.

  6. 10:1 Cattle to Sheep Price Ratio

    Consistent with cattle and sheep stock units detailed in clause 3 (2) of the Local Land Services Regulation 2014.

  7. 50% Pricing for Calves and Lambs (<6 months)
  8. Consistent with past practice within the Murray Local Land Services Region.