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Soil Health Monitoring Kits

Murray LLS has 30 soil health testing kits for encouraging landholders, school and university students, producer and Landcare groups to actively participate in monitoring changes to soil health over time.

The kits are to be used as an investigative and educational tool, primarily to assess soil physical properties and paddock health; they are NOT to be used as a substitute for laboratory analysis and should not be used to prescribe fertiliser and/or ameliorant applications.

What you can use these kits for

Murray LLS has soil kits for people to borrowThese kits helps you to establish a soil monitoring site where you can measure the following indicators

  • Soil water infiltration
  • Bulk density
  • Soil structure
  • Soil texture
  • Calculating earthworm populations
  • Assessing soil aggregate stability
  • Paddock groundcover

The monitoring kits allow individuals and groups to score their results for each test against recognised soil health indicators. The score card included in the kit can be used to influence some management decisions to improve soil health (e.g. grazing management) and be kept as a reference for future monitoring.

Supporting resources

To support the kit we've developed a manual (3.1MB) and you can also watch instructions on how to complete the tests as YouTube videos.