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Getting down to Business - Who are we, what do we do?

Gary Rodda, General Manager of Murray Local Land Services, heads up Murray LLS, formed by the amalgamation of Riverina and part of Hume LHPA, Murray Catchment Management Authority, and the local extension services of NSW Department of Primary Industries.

"Our new organisation is customer focused and we aim to engage with the farmers, other land managers, and a wide range of organisations with an interest in sustainable agriculture to add value to your enterprise and your community."

"We have a team of specialists located in Deniliquin, Moulamein, Jerilderie, Albury, Corowa and Tumbarumba," he said.

Services provided by Murray LLS include:

  • Agricultural advice – information to link research and on-farm practice
  • Biosecurity – Livestock  Health and Pest Animals
  • Natural resource management and support for Landcare
  • Emergency response – where animals are affected, eg. Drought, flood, bushfire,  truck roll-overs
  • Property Vegetation Planning in conjunction with clearing applications

Who does Murray LLS work with?

We work with farmers, producer groups, public and private land managers, Landcare, community groups, Aboriginal communities, Councils, schools and other government agencies, both NSW and Commonwealth.

Mr. Rodda says that these groups are taking control of managing local issues to strengthening their productivity and sustainability, using expertise at Murray LLS to help them find the information they want.

Groups as diverse as Rice Growers Association, Murray Irrigation Limited, Western Murray Land Improvement Group, the Wakool River Association, local fishing clubs, Riverine Plains, Holbrook Landcare Network, and Corowa District Landcare are collaborating with Murray LLS to organise their own events and activities that meet their local needs.

"To tap into our agricultural extension projects, it is recommended that farmers find a relevant producer or Landcare group, because increasingly we are funding these groups to deliver local projects "In the last six months we have invested more than $250,000 with groups to hold workshops covering: genomics; cost of production in cropping; 'Pollinators, paddocks and profit'; Bred Well, Fed Well; precision agriculture; and Risk Management in Agriculture", he added.

Murray LLS has a wide range of activities and projects to help you remain productive and sustainable, such as:

  • Baiting programs (Autumn and Spring)
  • Agricultural production workshops and field days with producer and Landcare groups
  • Threatened species management, eg. Squirrel gliders
  • Advice on revegetation with native plants and project to connect vegetation corridors
  • Management of Aboriginal cultural heritage in the landscape
  • Wetland carbon storage
  • Livestock, irrigation and cropping advice from our specialists, and links to other specialist organisations.
  • Our Vets and Biosecurity officers work in local saleyards to ensure biosecurity protocols are adhered to and are only a phone call away if you notice any unusual symptoms in your livestock, or have a question.
  • Wild Dog management programs
  • Travelling Stock Reserve management and permits

How is Murray LLS funded?

"It may surprise some that rates comprise only 25% of our revenue", he said. This funds much of our work on wild dog, rabbit and fox control programs, biosecurity and animal health activities and TSR management, but some of these projects are also funded by grants from the NSW and Australian governments.

Murray Local Land Services receives funds from three broad areas

  • NSW Government (37%)
  • Australian Government (38%)
  • Rates/permit fees (25%).

Funds from the NSW and Australian Governments are invested in Murray LLS to provide results that align with both their priorities and ours. These funds tend to target activities in agricultural extension, natural resource management, weed control, Aboriginal cultural heritage, and using land within its capability, eg. sustainable agriculture and carbon farming initiatives.