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Shining a light on Burrumbuttock Squirrel Gliders

Squirrel Gliders are a threatened species in NSW

Burrumbuttock landholders are working together to save the local Squirrel Glider population.

Fifteen Burrumbuttock landholders are entering into partnerships with the Squirrel Glider Local Area Management Plan (LAMP) project. With funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme, these landholders are part of a trial project that will connect critical patches of habitat to help Squirrel Gliders move around the landscape more freely, to forage for food and find suitable tree hollows for breeding.

Through the LAMP project, landholders are receiving financial and technical support from Murray Local Land Services to fence and revegetate areas, which support these animals and expand native vegetation corridors that are so essential to the Gliders.

Dr. Helen Waudby, LAMP Project Officer at Murray LLS, says that two Squirrel Glider specialists, Dr. Rodney van der Ree from the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology and Dr. Matt Cameron, from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, are working closely with the Burrumbuttock community on the project, sharing their scientific expertise on these endangered animals.

"Gliders are special animals and an icon for Burrumbuttock. We really want to help the community ensure they are still there well into the future", she said.

Janny and Richard Molesworth from Burrumbuttock were excited to discover that they had Squirrel Gliders on their property. "We are very pleased that the LAMP project will establish corridors of native vegetation to ensure their survival" said Janny.

LAMP Steering Committee member and Burrumbuttock landholder Judy Frankenberg said the Burrumbuttock community has had a long history of undertaking revegetation of native plants, and landholders have already done a lot of work that will benefit Squirrel Gliders.

"Squirrel Gliders around Burrumbuttock are mostly found on private property.  By continuing this work on their places, local people are building a network of habitat connections for Gliders, which will make a big difference to the species in the long-term" Judy said.

The Squirrel Glider LAMP project aims to ensure that Squirrel Gliders are still present in Burrumbuttock in the future. The project is a partnership between Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre, Greater Hume Shire, the Office of Environment and Heritage, Murray Local Land Services, West Hume Landcare and Burrumbuttock landholders.

Any community members who would like more information on the project or would like to receive the Squirrel Glider LAMP newsletter, can contact Helen Waudby at Murray Local Land Services on 02 6051 2222 or

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