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Be aware of 'stowaways' in fodder

Fierce thorn apple, weedLandholders importing stock feed from outside their region are being warned to be aware of new weed infestations.

Murray Local Land Services says there have been reports of unusual plants growing on properties that appear to have come in with stock feed.

Manager of Biosecurity and Emergency Services, Geoff Corboy, said the ongoing dry conditions were driving landholders to start feeding earlier.

“Some are finding that the imported feed appears to have come with unwanted stowaways,” he said.

“If you’re buying fodder or grain from outside the district, ask for weed-free certification, or at least something to show where it has come from.”

Some of the weeds that appear to have been imported include silver leaf nightshade and fierce thorn apple.

“If you find anything unusual growing in your paddocks, contact your local government weeds officer for assistance with identification, eradication and ongoing monitoring,” Mr Corboy said.

He also recommended having a designated feeding paddock to restrict any new weeds to one site that can be checked easily.

“Controlling new weeds is like controlling fire; stop them before they spread to avoid hefty costs down the track,” he said.