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Billabong-Yanco activities kick off

A range of activities aimed at celebrating the iconic Billabong-Yanco region will begin this month.

Eleven community groups and two councils will share in $107,000 of Australian Government National Landcare Programme funding and almost $29,000 from Catchment Action NSW, supported by Murray Local Land Services.

The funding will be used for works that celebrate the region’s cultural heritage, and allow visitors to experience its natural areas and appreciate local produce.

The Billabong-Yanco region follows the Billabong Creek and its major tributaries from Walla Walla to Moulamein. It takes in important agricultural production areas, wetlands and significant fish populations.

Trish Bowen, Team Leader of Murray Local Land Services’ Environment Unit, said the grants would allow local people to take action to address local priorities.

“As well as achieving benefits to natural and cultural assets, these grants are building connections between local people and the beautiful, productive landscapes in which they live,” she said.

The funded activities include:

  • the establishment of interpretive signs and other communication resources describing local natural and cultural icons
  • upgrading trails and access points to enable locals and visitors to experience key natural assets
  • enhancing native vegetation in key areas
  • a range of field days and study tours to share knowledge about natural resource management and cultural heritage.

One of the grants will see landholders touring local creeks to learn to identify native and introduced vegetation, to assist with native vegetation management and weed control. Another will capture photo essays on “People and Places of the Creek”, which highlight the natural assets of the area and community connections to these.

Murray Local Land Services Board member Ken Crossley said, “The grants are supporting some new ideas that have only been considered because local people have been involved in the Billabong-Yanco Project right from the start".

"These ideas are complementing other works in the area funded by Murray Local Land Services, such as upgrading a weir to improve wetland water management, sharing information on kangaroo management options and a study on biodiversity in native pastures."

The activities are due to begin in June, with an estimated completion date of November 2017.