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Exercise puts emergency skills to test

The emergency management skills of Local Land Services staff were put to the test at a two-day mock exercise in Wagga this month.

Fifteen staff members from the Murray and Riverina Local Land Services regions responded to a bushfire scenario involving livestock losses and the evacuation of a small town.

Manager of Biosecurity and Emergency Services at Murray Local Land Services, Geoff Corboy, said the exercise was an essential part of the emergency management function of Local Land Services.

“While dealing with emergencies is not a daily task for us, it is one of our key roles to respond appropriately when scenarios such as bushfires, floods or emergency animal diseases occur,” he said.

“Therefore it is vital that our staff are trained and prepared to respond, and this exercise gave us really valuable experience in doing that.”

The Department of Industry ran the exercise with support from the Emergency Management Unit in Orange.

The bushfire scenario required the staff involved to establish local coordination centres and incident management teams as part of the response procedure.

Department of Industry Regional Director, Giles Butler, said the exercise was a great success with Local land Services staff displaying a high level of engagement and enthusiasm.

“Both regions demonstrated that they could lead a response to a natural disaster emergency in their areas,” he said.

Mr Corboy agreed. “The community can be very confident that Local Land Services has the experience and skill to play a key role in any multi-agency response that occurs,” he said.

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