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Local strategic plan maps out projects for next five years

Murray Local Land Services has published its 2016-21 Local Strategic Plan, naming rabbit bio-control effectiveness among its priorities for the next five years.

Each of the 11 Local Land Services regions across NSW has developed a local strategic plan that sets out strategies for working with land managers and the community to improve primary production within healthy landscapes.

Acting Chair of Murray Local Land Services, Richard Bull said the local strategies were tailored to meet the issues, risks and opportunities that characterise the communities, industries and landscapes of the region.

“The integrated service delivery model that is now in place provides greater opportunities to work with land managers and the community, and the consultation process we went through to develop this plan is a clear example of the way we are engaging with the community,” Mr Bull said.

“We are looking forward to working with land managers and the community over the next five years to achieve productive, healthy landscapes through the development of targeted programs that aim to reduce impacts of invasive pests and animals.

“A rabbit biological control program will trial the release of RHDV1 K5 in priority areas.

“We will continue to support our advisory groups to advise on good community engagement processes.

“Recently, our advisory groups were updated on the planned biosecurity reforms. We aim to increase community leaders active within their communities and engaging with LLS.”

The 2016-26 State Strategic Plan and 11 local strategic plans were finalised after a six-week consultation process that attracted more than 270 submissions from stakeholder groups and interested community members.

All 11 local plans are aligned to the State Strategic Plan to achieve the organisation’s mission of resilient communities in productive, healthy landscapes.

The Murray Local Strategic Plan is available to download by clicking here.