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Murray travelling stock reserves available after wet weather

Most travelling stock reserves (TSRs) in the Murray region are now available for use by travelling and grazing stock after access was limited during recent wet weather.

Manager Land Services, Helen Wilson said that following a wet winter, the majority of travelling stock had to be moved from TSRs in the Murray region to limit the risk of damage.

“TSRs are areas of public land that are highly valued for agricultural, environmental, social and cultural purposes,” she said.

“We had to move stock from some reserves during the recent heavy rains, but with warmer, dry conditions we can now reopen the reserves that were impacted.”

TSRs provide a significant contribution to the local economy, with a daily average of more than 3,500 cattle permitted to graze on TSRs in the Murray region during the past financial year.

“During the recent floods, TSRs also provided important stock refuge areas for landholders whose properties on lower ground were affected by flooding,” Ms Wilson said.

“With access to aerial surveillance and a network of TSRs throughout the region, we were able to work closely with land managers during the wet weather to find the best options for their stock.”

“By allowing strategic grazing of reserves and roadsides, we can also better manage annual weeds and keep fuel loads down as we approach the summer bushfire season.”

Stock owners interested in grazing stock on TSRs should contact their nearest Murray Local Land Services office or phone 1300 795 299.

A range of permits are available to meet various customer needs.

Additional information on permits types and fees is available at

Media contact: David Clarke, Team Leader Land Services, 03 5880 1414.