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Farmers' reporting essential part of Murray flood response

Landholders in flood-affected areas have been working closely with Local Land Services and the NSW
Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to report damage to their farms and assist livestock.

Because of an already saturated catchment, this flooding event is expected to continue for the next month in
the Deniliquin-Wakool-Moulamein area of southern NSW.

The State Emergency Service (SES) is coordinating the flood response, with Local Land Services (LLS)
playing a supporting role in looking after animal welfare, in close cooperation with NSW DPI.

Farmers are encouraged to call 1300 795 299 or email to report agricultural
losses, including fencing, crops and stranded, injured or deceased livestock.

This reporting is essential to understand the extent of flood damage and provide support where needed.

Flood-affected people needing to evacuate also need to contact LLS in advance if they require
accommodation for their pets, so that evacuation sites can be adequately prepared. To date, companion
animal shelter and logistic arrangements have been defined for the Deniliquin area.

Local Land Services Incident Controllers have been very pleased with how the response effort is unfolding
and the support given to landholders in need.

“We’ve established a Flood Emergency Local Control Centre in Deniliquin which has been coordinating the
animal welfare response. Murray LLS are also encouraging landholders to assess and report the flood
impacts,” said current Incident Controller, Peter O’Shannassy.

“We have sent information to every ratepayer in the eastern part of region – via email or letter - on how to
report agricultural related damage,” he said.

“Over the coming weeks, we plan to set up some recovery activities behind this flood to support land

"Fortunately, many landholders have been able to rescue stock through their own capacity.

“A number of landholders have reported damage and stock losses to Murray Local Land Services in the
current emergency response, but we suspect there may be more affected.

“We’ve received around 15 calls for assistance and have reports of over 4000 ha of crops and pasture
damage, however the majority of people have been able to move stock to higher ground and have feed

“If you have managed your stock and infrastructure without our support, please take the time to report all
damage and stock losses. This will help give us a more accurate understanding of losses across the region
and enable us to allocate resources in the coming days and weeks.”

Local Land Services will continue to support the farming community through the joint Local Land Services
and NSW DPI response.

For emergency help in floods please contact SES on 132 500.

Media contact: Matt O’Connell 02 6051 2244, mob 0427 220 506,