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Howlong farmer wins boat in Fox Dog Lotto

Graham Wilson, from ‘Kismet’ at Howlong, was the lucky winner Murray Local Land Services Fox & Wild Dog Lotto when the grand prize was announced at the Henty Field Days last week.

The winners of the aluminium boat and trailer for both Murray and Riverina Local Land Services regions were announced at the Henty Machinery Field Days by the Hon. Bronnie Taylor MLC, Parliamentary Secretary to the Deputy Premier, who travelled to the event for the announcement.

Mr. Wilson said that he had bought baits from Murray Local Land Services in their wild dog and fox baiting programs during the competition period, but had been involved in fox control for years.

“Being involved in prime lamb production and running a Poll Dorset stud, it’s just essential that we keep on top of foxes”, he said.

“I can’t imagine how many lambs we would lose without baiting, but I know that in dollar terms it would add up to a considerable amount.

“We buy our baits from Murray Local Land Services regularly and it’s better when we all work together to tackle these problems.”

Mr Wilson will receive his prize in the coming weeks and is excited to put it to good use.

“You wouldn’t believe it, but I have lived all my life on the river but never owned a boat, so I guess that’s about to change!” he said.

Bronnie Taylor said that she was really pleased with the way Fox & Wild Dog Lotto has gone in its inaugural trial this year.

“It’s given Local Land Services the opportunity to acknowledge the commitment made by landholders to control feral animals on their farms”, she said.

The General Manager of Murray Local Land Services, Gary Rodda, said that over 300 entries had been received for Fox & Wild Dog Lotto in just six weeks from landholders who had either sent in photos of their fox control or had purchased baits from Local Land Services.

“Each week of the competition there was a local winner of a bag of dog food and now the grand prize has gone to another farmer committed to working with us at Local Land Services”, he said.

“The interest generated during the competition period shows how the promotion has raised awareness of integrated pest control to reduce the impact of feral animals on livestock and on native animals.”

Feedback from competitors, customers and other stakeholders will be evaluated and Local Land Services will then look at running the competition or a similar program again, and how it could be improved.

Media contact:  Matt Lane, Murray Local Land Services 6051 2252